Our story dates back to 2007, in Melbourne’s diverse and sprawling suburb of Brunswick. Partners both in life and business (John Sones and Tamsin Sharp) are reminiscing about a recent trip to India. Having both fallen in love with the beautiful and transcendent sounds of a Tibetan Singing Bowl, it seemed fitting to bring one home. As they sat, playing the singing bowl, they we were struck with the idea of using their skills as highly accomplished visual storytellers to create a production service to support positive change projects.  

Since then, Singing Bowl Media has produced over 500+ video projects with over 150 different clients. With an aspiration to create quality content to encourage action and empathy throughout a diverse range of audiences. 

Over the years Singing Bowl Media has formed long-term partnerships with their clients, gaining a deep understanding of their evolving needs, they’ve evolved beside them, in meeting those needs. They have primarily worked in the education, arts, culture, health, not-for-profit and corporate sectors.  


Singing Bowl Media draws on a pool of talented, multi-skilled and passionate creatives, writers, cinematographers, photographers and specialised crew. Matching the right team to your project. 

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Tamsin Sharp

Creative Director


"I love thinking up creative ways we can tell interesting stories that impact audiences. I really love blending original concepts and processes to make work that is exciting and authentic. I believe maintaining a strong vision and a positive team energy, are key to making a project successful." Tamsin Sharp

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John Sones

Executive Producer


"Meeting different people from diverse worlds is what I love about what we do. We've worked with children, culturally diverse communities, Aboriginal Elders, politicians, celebrities, farmers, construction workers, teachers, high profile CEO’s, Drag Queens, artists… it is amazingly eye opening." John Sones

Singing Bowl Media acknowledges the Traditional Indigenous custodians of country and recognises their continuing connection to land, water and culture. 

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