Our story dates back to 2007, in Melbourne’s culturally and creatively diverse suburb of Brunswick. We were sitting in our apartment, just about to get hitched, after returning from a trip to India where John was shooting for Lonely Planet. 


It was a stormy summer evening, and we were both talking about what kind of legacy we wanted to create in life (deep stuff).  We had bought back a Tibetan singing bowl from our travels and had fallen in love with its hypnotic and transcendent sounds.  While playing the bowl, we were struck with the idea of using our skills as visual storytellers to create a production service to support positive change projects.  Lightning struck (literally), and that was the beginning of Singing Bowl Media. 

After lots of hard work, failures, successes and yearly camera updates, Singing Bowl Media has collaborated with highly skilled filmmakers, crew, talent and media professionals to produce over 1000+ video projects with over 250 clients.


At our core, we have always aspired to create quality content that encourages action and empathy throughout a diverse range of audiences. 

Our Story

singing bowl media
The Singing Bowl
Singing bowls date back to the time of the historical Buddha Shakyamuni (560 – 480 B.C.).

Singing bowls play a powerful role in mindfulness practice, and they are often used in healing and calming rituals. The best singing bowls produce a clear, resonant sound that lasts for a long time, continuing to vibrate in the air long after being played or struck.

Tamsin Sharp, A Melbourne based video production agency
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Tamsin Sharp
Creative Director

"I love thinking up creative ways we can tell interesting stories that impact audiences. I really love blending original concepts and processes to make work that is exciting and authentic. I believe maintaining a strong vision and positive team energy are key to making a project successful." Tamsin Sharp

John Sones, A Melbourne based video production agency
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John Sones
Executive Producer

"Meeting different people from diverse worlds is what I love about what we do. We've worked with children, culturally diverse communities, politicians, celebrities, farmers, construction workers, teachers, high profile CEO’s, Drag Queens, artists… everyone has a story. And by listening, I grow." John Sones

A Melbourne based video production agency
Our Collaborators
Multi-skilled professionals we love to work with.

It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a dedicated, passionate and skilled team to make quality video content. Our amazing community of freelancers are creative, friendly and highly skilled professionals. We love to work with them and they love their craft and strive to work on meaningful projects.