Our Services

From concept to completion, we offer a full end-to-end video production service.

Whether you want to explain, advocate, train, inspire, explore, promote, excite or educate - we can provide an experienced and creative team to produce a result you feel proud to share.

When collaborating with us, you will get a team of highly experienced professionals guiding you through the entire production process. It’s our job to consider aspects of effective impact storytelling that might ordinarily be overlooked.

Concept and Strategy

Finding the best creative approach for the intended delivery.


Planning out the entire production process and all elements for the shoot.


Capturing all the required footage - lights, camera, action!


Putting everything together into a polished product.

Kick off meeting questions

We have put together some key questions for consideration prior to having an initial kick-off meeting:

What do you want your video to achieve? 

Who is your target audience and what do you want them to feel/think?

Where is your target audience? What platforms are they engaging with and how can you best distribute your content to ensure it reaches them?

What are the potential opportunities/limitations within the platforms you plan to target for distribution?

How might you find longevity in your video by reusing and repurposing?

What's your ballpark budget and deadline? Always helps us to understand the scope of the project.