It's time to tell your story

Stories can change the world

With the knowledge that storytelling is the oldest and most practised ritual designed to transport and connect us, we believe there is no better way to create social change and empower connection than engaging audiences through good stories, told well. 

Video is now a necessity

Human attention is currently one of the most valuable commodities on the planet, that's why at the centre of all our processes are the needs and habits of audience. 

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“As an Aboriginal Elder from the Kerang District, I totally endorse Singing Bowl Media, for the attitude, courtesy and respect they showed when working on old people's country.” 

Aunty Esther Kirby


Our Clients

These are some of the clients we have had the pleasure of collaborating with.

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Our Speciality

We’re specialists in producing well crafted short-form documentary stories, that communicate aspirations, impacts and ideas.


With a focus on sustainable processes and innovative technology, we strive towards agility, collaboration, creativity and longevity.

Meet the founders

Partners in life and business, with a love for visual storytelling, founded Singing Bowl Media in 2007.

All shapes and sizes

From one-off promos to a 14 part web series, we tailor a production process that will suit your needs and budget.

Our little sister business

Supporting small to medium businesses with a remote editing and video marketing  strategy service. 

Let's talk through what's possible